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Our Process

Richardson’s team is driven by our pursuit of exceptional leadership. Our efficiency as an executive search firm is equally matched by our effective methodologies and processes that ensure you find a principal member of your team. We work with you, your business community, and your organization while staying laser-focused on the specific needs of your company. We are motivated by seeing and sharing excellence and do not stop our search until your organization has the right executive in place.

Our Process

At Richardson, we believe finding effective leadership is a flexible balance between the art of people and science of evaluation—always adjusting to the needs of the situation, employee, or organization. We always keep our clients’ goals in mind during our process of executive talent acquisition, which begins with getting to know your organization, its needs and culture. Our search team is invested in finding the right leader for your organization, effectively and efficiently.

We help top organizations pursue their business vision by obtaining the best leaders in the marketplace who fit the company culture, values, and required experience.

With a global reach, along with local relationships and remarkably expedient placement processes, we are unstoppable in our pursuit for leadership.

Our Pursuit of Leadership

Our commitment to sourcing leaders for our clients continues past the point of successful recruitment. We are passionate about our search and advisory services that we provide to organizations and executives along every step of their journey.

At Richardson, our processes take clients on a step-by-step journey to gain and build leadership within their organizations. One size does not fit all, and we are committed to finding the right process to get your business and team on track to continued success.

Phase I – Relationships and Understanding

Richardson takes the time to understand your organization, its values, mission, and culture. By exploring your company’s “why”, our search will fall into place and we can provide custom, superior service.

Phase II – Discovery

We work with you to determine your business needs and parameters, meet with everyone involved in the search, and explain how we’ll integrate our processes to form a solution that includes a role and profile description along with a search plan.

Phase III – Identification

We conduct a broad and exhaustive search of the market place that is tailored to the client’s needs. This is done to strategically identify candidates by engaging in our industry connections to create a suitable long-list of viable candidates who can fill the role you’re searching for in your organization.

Phase IV – Strategic Fingerprinting

This is forensics of the human resources kind that helps generate a short-list of candidates based on your organization’s needs, the position you’re searching for, your team, and your culture. It is a stage of assessment and evaluation. This is followed by progress reporting for your specific executive search. Richardson will present you with our recommendations including the very best candidates for the vacant role in your organization.

Phase V – Candidate Review

Once you decide on candidates you’d like to invite into the interview stage, Richardson can help facilitate these interviews and provide suggested questions to ask. This is followed by the offer stage, which we also support.

Phase VI – Selection, Integration, and Optimization

The above stages are all areas we support, from the whole recruitment process of creating a short-list, producing offers, and the negotiation, until here, which is the successful close with the best candidate being hired with our advisory services. We also provide onboarding assistance, coaching, team integration, and follow-up consultation, where needed, to generate long-term retention from your new executives. Also, over the course of a year, we offer ongoing leadership development sessions to continue developing aspects of your leadership team.

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