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Leadership is a combination of art and science, in every changing proportion to meet the situation.  The talent acquisition process for leadership is no different – art and science balanced to address your organization’s needs.  Most search processes begin and end with our process, our people, our billing, our reports – Richardson’s is different – it is all about you.

Phase I – Relationships and Understanding

We want to know you and your organization.  The more we know about your values, mission, people and organization the greater the level of customized value we can create.  Superior service comes with superior understanding.

Phase II – Discovery

Understanding your need is paramount to our partnership and a discovery process. We take the time to meet with you, your peers and those who may be involved in the search, hiring process and position.  We want to know about your process and explain how our model, tools and people integrate to form the solution for you.

Phase III – Identification

Identification of candidates is a strategic process that is developed based on your needs, encompassing more than advertisements, resumes, and LinkedIn.  It is an active engagement of relationships; industry experts, communicative mediums, and industry connectivity.  It is the very best of professional research to identify the best within the industry.

Phase IV – Strategic Fingerprinting

This is human resource forensics both an art and science to ensure precision matching of possible candidates against the needs of the organization, position, team and culture.  This stage is more than an assessment and evaluation; this is a precise appraisal of fit, contribution and leadership potential.

Phase V – Selection

After strategic fingerprinting, we recommend the very best candidates for your consideration. We value the importance of candidate communication and how we represent your organization as an extension of your team.  Selection, offer and negotiation are supported throughout, balancing the need for communication, selection autonomy, and candidate facilitation.

Phase VI – Value Creation and Retention

Richardson does not hand off the responsibility of a new executive’s integration to the organization.  We know moving leaders into an organization can be difficult, and moving them into a dominate role within the organization even more so.   We leverage the relationship with the new executive we developed over the course of the recruitment process to offer support, coaching and team building where needed. Integration is the most important part of your process because it is no longer about hiring the right person, it is about the ramp-up to value creation and long-term retention.  The first 90 days are critical to addressing these goals and Richardson remains engaged so we can help.

Phase VII – Leadership Development

One key aspect of leadership is continuous development and we support our clients and placements in this endeavor.  Over the course of the year you and your new executive will be invited to participate in leadership development programs, developing many key aspects of your leadership team.

This process is all about you and our commitment to building your organization with strong executive leadership.

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