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About You

At Richardson Executive Search, it is not ‘About Us,’ it is all about you.  This vision, originally formed in 1974, is the cornerstone of Richardson’s services and relationships.  The Richardson Team is your team, working closely with you to execute with excellent on strategically customized search needs, designed to create strength and forward thought in your organization, strength through leadership.

We Listen to What You Want

Richardson Executive Search does not know about you, without listening to you and here is what we have heard:

“I want an Executive Search firm that is professional and connected but above all – human.  This is a human business; forms, emails and touting internal processes are not enough – there must be the human understanding.”

–Richardson is about the human element. Leadership is about the human element.  Richardson delivers leadership through, in process and structure, however, found in authenticity of personality and organizational alignment.  Leadership will drive the future of the organization, so it must be all ‘about you.’

“I would like a retained search to provide the dedicated resources needed to find the right leadership but not hang me out to dry if I find someone internally”

–Richardson Executive Search is familiar with the unfortunate experiences of organizations who are frustrated with the retained approach without understanding.  Richardson’s retained model does not ask you to pay for the work you did internally, nor does it reduce the effort and resources made on your behalf.  The model is all ‘About You.’

“Soft skills on the outside but inward processes that allow for confidence and transparency.  Process without personality will never really understand our organisation, but tight processes are critical to our strategic needs.”

–Behind the scenes is one of the few Executive Search Firms supported by the International Standards Organization (ISO), ensuring our process, structure, client and candidate services and feedback is captured and executed with excellence. Everything from communication to applicant testing is rigid enough to ensure quality and flexible enough to ensure customization. The process is all ‘About You.’

Your Ethics, Your Values

Richardson Executive Search reflects and lives the highest level of ethical behaviour founded on shared values with you.  An Executive Search that represents anything else cannot search for and provide the right solutions.  We represent you, your ethics and your values, uncompromising and what you seek to see in your leadership.  This is why we cannot ask you to pay for work not rendered or work you completed internally, it is not ethical for you; it is not ethical for us.  Richardson will do what is in your best interest, that is our promise, your expectation, and our shared values.

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